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Top 10 Things for an effective SEO Strategy – SEO Company Expert Reports!

Ten important factors to consider before deciding on an SEO company says Dallas based SEO Services Expert.

03/04/2012 // Dallas, TX, USA // QamarZaman // Qamar Zaman – SEO Services Expert.

Top 10 Things for an effective SEO Strategy reports Dallas based SEO Expert Qamar Zaman.

Search engine optimization is a critical component of almost any online marketing endeavor. However, SEO is a complicated and time-consuming task. For this reason, it is usually cost-effective for companies to outsource their SEO needs to professionals. However, the methods that are used to ensure a site has high visibility in search engines are constantly changing, and therefore, it is important for individuals to gather a few important pieces of information before hiring a SEO company. More specifically, there are ten important factors to consider before deciding on an SEO company.

* Determine the level experience the firm possesses. Given the critical importance of search engine optimization, it is vital to make sure that the company hired to design and perform the SEO campaign is highly experienced in this field of work. For this reason, individuals should always ask questions about how long the company has provided services.

* A majority of the time used during a SEO campaign will used for link building. Link building is a critical element in a successful SEO campaign. Search engines consider the number of websites linking to a particular page as an important factor during the ranking process. As a result, it is important for a SEO provider to safely and effectively build back links to help increase a client’s ranking in search results.

* Often, SEO companies outsource a fair amount of the manual work for campaigns. Therefore, it is important to determine how a potential company addresses outsourcing. While this is a common practice in the industry, it is also important to ensure that they are only contracting the work out to experienced SEO providers.

* Search engine optimization is a constantly changing and evolving industry. Search engines are constantly adjusting the algorithms used to rank sites. A perfect example of this is the notorious Panda updates that Google has implemented during the past year. These changes have caused a dramatic change in the rankings for many websites, and Google has made no public announcements concerning the metrics that were used in the algorithm changes. As a result, it is important to select an SEO firm that is able to conduct research and tests to determine which strategies are most effective in the current environment.

* While most webmasters are interested in off-site SEO, the optimization done to the site itself is still important. An effective SEO provider will conduct a full evaluation of the on-site optimization for a client’s website. This analysis will allow the provider to determine if there are any errors with the website that may cause it to fail to achieve stable rankings in search engines.

* Search engine optimization is a lengthy process. Therefore, it is important to know the time-frame that the company is working under to finish or maintain the process. There are many providers who simply offer a service for a one time fee. However, there are many services that charge a monthly fee for ongoing SEO services. Before hiring a SEO professional, it is important to determine how long of a time-frame the company is working under, and the economic viability of the service offered.

* Determine how the agency will address social media promotion. Search engines are increasingly placing an emphasis on social media outlets. As a result, it is important to know how your chosen SEO professional will handle this aspect of the campaign. Poor utilization of social media can prolong the time it takes for a website to achieve a significant presence in search engines.

* Closely read any guarantees that the service provider makes. While it is not uncommon for a SEO professional to make guarantees about increasing a website’s rankings, it is important for the client to fully understand the details of the guarantee. After all, unless the SEO agency works for a particular search engine, they do not have access to exact information about the ranking process.

* Analyze the cost of the SEO provider, and decide if the benefits will outweigh the costs. For most companies and websites, the costs associated with hiring an SEO services professional will be offset by the benefits of increased search engine exposure. However, it is still important to decide if the company’s business model can economically handle the costs of optimization.

* Content is essential to achieving stable rankings in search engines. Most back links require large amounts of unique content. However, unique content is expensive when building back links. Therefore, it is important to determine how the service provider addresses this issue.


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