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Labor Law Information: NETtime Solutions Seeks Most Used Sources of Education

01/19/2012 // Scottsdale, AZ, USA // NETtime // NETtime Solutions

Today NETtime Solutions, creators of the leading web-based SaaS time & attendance solution and the NETOne Clock, have announced the launch of a new survey aimed at collecting information on the sources most used by employees to learn about labor laws. The current survey (found here) and past polls conducted by NETtime are key components to company’s mission of helping employers and employees better understand each other through helpful labor law data.

The point of interest highlighted in the first question of the year is simply, “Where do you get your labor law information?” Survey participants can choose from five different sources or enter a non-listed source in an open-ended response segment. NETtime will award one survey participant with a $25 Target gift card as a token of appreciation for their time.

Data collected on the sources employees use to learn about current and new labor laws will be collected through the end of February. Once the poll is closed, the helpful labor law information will be compiled into a series of graphs and charts that will be posted to the SaaS time & attendance solution company’s Facebook page,

This fact-finding endeavor is the third of a highly successful series that has uncovered information businesses are using to better run their human resource and payroll efforts. Since the company’s inception, NETime has helped companies maintain compliance with labor laws, increase efficiency and reduce costs through their SaaS time & attendance solution. By seeking out information on labor law topics, NETtime has built in additional value for employers.

For more information about NETtime Solutions and their SaaS time & attendance products please visit, or call 800.561.6366 to speak with a company representative.

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