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Ink’d Content Announces the Launch of their Website and Content Services

12/30/2011 // Springfield, Missouri, United States // KatRags // Ink’d Content

Ink’d Content, LLP is excited to announce the launch of its website and the official launch of its content writing services. The company, founded in 2011, is poised to change the face of online marketing and Internet content with an innovative and refreshing look at website content, sales materials, and blogs.

With a core philosophy of integrity in all things, Ink’d aims to create a new version of online content. Founders Michelle Cramer and Kat Rags believe that the current content philosophy plaguing the industry needs a new vision and approach. To that end, they created a company with a primary aim that is diametrically opposed to the popular, but outdated, content mills of yesterday.

“Michelle and I have both worked in the content industry for the past five years and we recognize a glaring problem with the process,” says Kat Rags, Chief Administrative Officer of Ink’d. “Instead of striving to produce quality content that absolutely impacts the visibility of an online business, content mills simply turn out hundreds, if not thousands, of articles every month. Our answer to this problem, Ink’d, offers a boutique experience, personalized service, and a team of award-winning authors and editors — the best in the business.”

Ink’d offers a variety of services aimed at providing website owners with a complete content package. From simple e-commerce descriptions to building a complete library of expert articles, Ink’d is a full solution provider. Not only do they provide a superior level of content quality, the entire company stands by the principle of integrity — integrity in everything they do.

The polar opposite of other content companies, Ink’d prides itself on transparency and honesty, refusing to produce inferior work based on poor assumptions. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter solution at Ink’d — it’s about finding the best approach for each individual client.

“The team at Ink’d has done an excellent job in researching and developing compelling content according to the subject. As a result, it has increased traffic and the engagement of our blog,” says Santhosh Devati, founder and CEO of “They are honest, hard-working, passionate, operate with integrity, and make an excellent addition to the team.”

The passion and drive behind the creation of a viable content company stems from the founders’ perception of what works in the industry — and what doesn’t.

“The motivation behind the creation of Ink’d is simple – I was tired of seeing writers and editors get overlooked and under-appreciated, myself included,” says Michelle Cramer, Chief Executive Officer. “My peers and I were working our fingers to the bone for pennies and the quality of content was suffering. If your writers and editors feel unappreciated, then they won’t perform to their best ability. Period.”

Ink’d writers are some of the best in the industry, and Cramer and Rags make sure they know it. Showing freelancers just how much value they have means producing resplendent content for clients. “I’m not sure why others haven’t caught on to the concept of paying writers what they’re worth to end up with better results, but I’m not fretting about it too much,” says Cramer. “Ink’d is happy to be the company that starts a new trend of this caliber.”

About Ink’d Content, LLP – Founded in 2011, Ink’d is a new concept in online content. Integrity – in everything they do. Neoteric – a new way of writing. Ken – a wider range of understanding. Divergent – different from the rest. Find out more at or contact

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