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Black Eye Show host outlines ”What Truly May Be Causing Various Forms of Cancer”

Black Eye Radio Show Host, B.R. White told the black community to “beware of the FDA program of acceptable limits” to help protect yourself from cancer.

10/06/2011 // Voorhees, New Jersey, United States // BRWHITE // Show Executive Producer

Host of the Black Eye Radio Show, B.R. White, communicated to the black community during a recent broadcast to “beware of the FDA program of acceptable levels/limits”. In his quest to help African American families reduce their risk of getting cancer, Host B.R. White explained when the FDA approves a product for store shelves, many products are approved with known chemical toxins; however, as long as those toxins do not go above acceptable limits approved by the FDA, the products are considered safe for consumption into your body and eventually sold to the masses. Mr. White explained the acceptable limits program does work; however, it does not provide a mechanism to help Americans understand that some of the approved toxins in a single product may also be included other products used by the same consumer. As a result, a consumer using multiple off the shelf body products, for example, could consumer more toxins than anticipated by the FDA in a single day. Mr. White also explained some toxins once consumed can create a dangerous mix once combined in the body.

As an example, Mr. White discussed the chemical Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol can be found in Bubble baths, toothpaste, shampoos, lotions, lipstick and other products. Propylene Glycol is a detergent which has been found to enter the brain, heart and liver, and impair the human immune system. Propylene Glycol has also been linked to eye irritations, skin rashes, and allergic reactions. The more important concern with using Proplyne Glycol is when mixed with other chemicals, like those used in other toiletries, it can form a carcinogenic substance/compound. Yes, a cancer causing agent created in your body just because you used the wrong mixture of shampoo, moisturizer and perfume (for example).

Mr. White went on to highlight a special message for women only. The host communicated while the BRCA1 and BRACA2 gene mutation have been attributed to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, he does not believe those genes are as wide spread in the amount of women getting breast cancer. Instead, Mr. White submitted another thesis for woman to consider and mitigate against to reduce their risk. Mr. White suggested that as a society we have become chemical dependent on various levels of acceptable limits of toxins entering our bodies across multiple products on an hourly basis through various foods, solutions, medicines, cosmetics, etc. As a result, our bodies have become over saturated with toxins which have resulted in skyrocketing cases of major illnesses, cancer and overrun healthcare cost. In terms of breast and ovarian cancer, you have to run the analytics. If only a few women in the overall population diagnosed with cancer carry the BRACA 1 or 2 gene and yet many women are being diagnosed with cancer globally, you have to examine exactly what is unique to only women across economic status, race, age, and geography that is causing the cancer epidemic? Mr. White’s answer is women are not only going beyond their acceptable limits of toxins across products but “only women” globally introduce extra toxins into their bodies just because they are women. For example, he suggests the common thread with all women globally are products only used by women such as lipstick, moisturizers, aging creams, hand creams, feminine products, birth control, hair products, female advertised shampoos, soaps, etc. These extra products are the only consistent variables fermenting inside the bodies of women everywhere and Mr. White believes it is this massive deadly daily cocktail causing many more women to get sick in general and get consistent forms of cancer such as breast and ovarian cancer.

Mr. White suggested the only path to improving our health is to begin lobbying the companies of our favorite products to pay attention to how their product may be used with other products and look for safer options. While the cost is higher, organic products across the board should lower your risk of accidentally treating your body like a science experiment and creating that untracked and still unidentified deadly cocktail in your body.

Mr. White said the bottom line is when the FDA approves a product with X amount of toxins with acceptable limits, they really have no idea what you will do in your life on a daily basis regarding other products and other toxins that have also been approved for consumption with acceptable limits. To some extent, we are all walking experiments of chemical mixtures hoping we don’t accidentally create a deadly cocktail mix.

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About the Author

B.R. White is the author of The Glass In My Throat which is his summarized 25 year documented journey of growing up poor in Yonkers New York and transforming his live into being a successful entrepreneur and technology executive.

The Black Eye Show airs Saturday’s, 11am EST – 12:00 EST and the Live call-in number is (424) 675-8263. The Black Eye Show is focused on elevating and not intimidate listeners while creating a national platform to share the types of information needed to help families better understand today’s environment.

More information and the book can be purchased at

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