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Higher Rental Prices Drive Business to Loving the Classics

As Netflix and Redbox increase prices for movie rentals, more film lovers make the jump to Loving the Classics.

As Netflix and Redbox increase prices for movie rentals, more film lovers make the jump to Loving the Classics.

08/30/2011 // Cleveland, OH, USA // justin // Loving The Classics

Weeks after online movie rental juggernaut Netflix announced a bump in its subscription fees, Redbox is embarking on a price-raising campaign of its own. The company, whose red rental kiosks are common throughout most of the United States, has long charged a dollar per day to rent new-release movies on DVD. Many Austin Redbox kiosks have recently upped their fees to $1.15 or $1.25, however. Austin Redbox representatives have claimed the price bump is a “test,” but, given trends in the industry, many consumers assume the increase will be permanent. For this reason, more film buffs are choosing to own instead of rent, often choosing online DVD stores such as Loving the Classics over rental venues like Netflix and Redbox.

Loving the Classics is a greater investment than a quick Redbox rental, but representatives of the site say that it is ultimately a greater value. One spokesperson notes that, with Loving the Classics, you own the movie and can watch it as many times as you like, as well as share it with friends. “Additionally, we sell many of our movies in bundles and offer a variety of special discounts, so it’s a great option for anyone looking for overall bang for buck.”

What ultimately makes Loving the Classics a competitive alternative to Redbox or Netflix, however, is that the site offers movies that these other services do not feature. Redbox is primarily an avenue for renting new releases, but Loving the Classics offers copies of vintage movies that have otherwise never been printed. The movies range from 1910 silent features to mid-1970’s cult classics, but none are available through any other medium.

A final distinguishing feature of Loving the Classics is that, unlike Redbox and Netflix, which cater primarily to younger families, Loving the Classics has a demographic that skews toward senior citizens. For this reason, the site offers all of its titles in either DVD or VHS format. “Most movie sites and rental places have discontinued VHS tapes,” says a Loving the Classics representative. “We are able to offer those products to an audience that really has no other place to find movies in their preferred format.”

According to the spokesperson, Loving the Classics is not directly trying to compete with Redbox or Netflix, but is happy to offer an alternative to those looking for a greater sense of value. “We offer more unique products that will last a lot longer, which we feel makes our business very different than all these others.”


Loving the Classics is a niche retail site that specializes in vintage film titles. With a range of movies that date as far back as the 1910’s and include vintage westerns, classic film noir, and many other genres, Loving the Classics is an ever-popular service among film enthusiasts.

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