Henri Degre Partners with AFG for Advanced “Rehab Trailer”

Henri Degre, of Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY, announces partnership with AFG to provide cutting-edge “rehab trailer” for emergency response personnel.

Henri Degre, of Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY, announces partnership with AFG to provide cutting-edge “rehab trailer” for emergency response personnel.

08/30/2011 // Mt. Pleasant, PA, USA // justin // Henri Degre

The Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) was established for the straightforward purpose of providing much-needed equipment to firefighters and first responders. This mission has often led to the purchasing of protective gear, emergency vehicles, training resources, and a variety of other units to make the important work done by our firefighters and first responders more manageable. Recently, however, the grant funded a new kind of vehicle, one devoted to providing stress relief and a sense of renewal to those first responders. The product in question is a rehab trailer made by Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY, the design of which was overseen by General Manager of Product Development Henri Degre.

Says Henri Degre, “The rehab trailer is an essential piece of equipment because it provides on-scene emergency workers a way to renew their energy and vigor, and thus allows them to perform their duties to the fullest.” He also notes that, because the rehab trailer allows emergency workers a way to cope with stress, it reduces burnout, and could lead to emergency workers and firefighters being able to work their jobs with greater longevity.

Henri Degre notes that the AFG-funded on-site rehab trailer provides a “safe, comfortable, and private” setting for stress relief and an escape from the strain of active duty. The trailer’s features include heating and cooling options, re-hydration, calorie and electrolyte replacement, medical monitoring and treatment, and an escape from the elements.

The rehab trailer is a “breakthrough” in on-site equipment, Henri Degre says, because it provides on-site facilities for the kinds of medical and personal care that would otherwise be much more difficult to access. Thus, it leads to a much greater sense of safety for firefighters and emergency responders. “These are people who constantly put themselves in harm’s way in order to adequately protect the rest of us,” notes Henri Degre. “The rehab trailer provides them a way to look out for their own wellbeing, too.”

Funding for the rehab trailer came in part from the AFG. The AFG application period is accessible to fire departments all over the country, and provides equipment and materials for those deemed most in-need. The application season opens on an annual basis.


Henri Degre is the General Manager of Product Development for Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY, a leading vendor for various government and corporate entities including the U.S. Navy and the Department of Homeland Security. The company designs and manufactures mobile facilities and vehicles of all varieties. A former police officer, Degre knows first-hand the importance of high-quality equipment in service of safety and accident prevention.

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