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Black Eye Show outlines fix for inner-city “Dropout Factories”

Black Eye Radio Show Host, B.R. White, told the black community Saturday to stop expecting government help to fix the inner-city school dropout factory problem.

06/26/2011 // Voorhees, New Jersey, United States // BRWHITE // Show Executive Producer

Host of the Black Eye Radio Show outlines a community based public school improvement plan to fix urban “Dropout Factories

Philadelphia Metro Area/Voorhees, NJ ( Host of the Black Eye Show, B.R. White, communicated to the black community on Saturday to stop looking for any financial help from cities, states or the federal government to fix the urban school dropout factory problem. Mr. White communicated that the United States, while in a recession today, enjoyed numerous boom years over the past few decades and during that time urban schools received no attention and were allowed to become near condemned dilapidated buildings. Mr. White explained current national debt issues have many urban school slated for shut-down vs. repair because the situation has gotten out of control and there is no money or interest in remediating the problem. The African American community can expect poor performing schools to be eventually shut down with kids being bused to enjoy 40-60 per class.

Mr. White went on to outline a community based non-profit organization plan designed to extract a portion of the billions in discretionary spending currently being wasted in the black community on video consoles, gaming gear, too much soda, alcohol, etc. Mr. White suggested if the African American community could re-ignite the national community spirit of the 1960’s, financial augmentation could be provided to many of the failing schools.



Step 1: All minority families with children in dropout factories and underperforming schools must first come to grips with shifting a portion of their already available funds away from “material things” and into the Non-Profit Community Education Fund.

Step 2: On average each school has approximately 1,600 students spanning all grades (i.e. freshman, sophomores, etc). Assuming some parents have more than one child in the school, the fund will assume 600 families would be available and capable to contribute to the fund. The magic number for initial contribution is $40 per family which is saved during the school year and deposited in May of each year allowing all upgrades to occur over the summer. This is basically a savings plan of $4 per month during the full school year of 10 months. If each family supported the plan to help their child’s dropout school, each school would raise approximately $24,000 per year. A sample budget could include 20 new computers, a cloud based student monitoring platform, 4-5 smart boards and $7,000 for school repairs. Through an implementation plan of a “A-fund-per-school”, such community “gift” support could make a serious dent in the current negative situation.

Mr. White outlined the organizational structure for each fund suggesting a configuration of community members, a member from the failing school, legal and accounting support. Specific details for setting up the funds can be found on the Black Eye Show’s Facebook page, , in the “notes” area. During the one hour call-in program, Mr. White also explained, on the surface, the community fund plan sounds unfair to ask inner-city/urban African Americans and other minorities to “pitch in” where other middle class and affluent areas do not. He highlighted through real estate taxes and other special assessments, suburban schools do in fact obtain such additional funds allowing them to thrive. The problem is, assessing minority areas where people live in large apartment complexes, projects, and a shelter in some cases is near impossible execute. As a result, over the past 10-20 years, inner-city and urban schools disintegrated before our eyes while suburban school were getting significant makeovers or being totally rebuilt.

Mr. White was very clear, if we learned anything over the past 10-20 years, it is obvious, there is little to know interest in solving this problem and our exhausted federal and state budgets will not bring change for years to come. Dropout factories are not built they are created through poor leadership oversight and neglect over long periods of time. If the black community does not follow a plan equal or similar to his proposal, these schools will close and the massive overcrowding will create nothing more than teenage daycare dropout factories. Other countries, regardless of economic condition, are producing students more prepared than current U.S. graduates. There is much rhetoric about how important education is in the U.S. yet, the first item identified on the cut list is typically teachers and education. We have lost our focus and understanding concerning the power of education to grow a nation and minorities have received the short end of the stick. Until we get back on track, it is imperative minority communities step, pitch in and help turn things around.

The full show notes and for Episode #2 of the Black Eye Show titled Urban Schools can be downloaded from the notes section of the Black Eye Show Facebook page (

About the Author

B.R. White is the author of The Glass In My Throat which is his summarized 25 year documented journey of growing up poor in Yonkers New York and transforming his live into being a successful entrepreneur and technology executive.

The Black Eye Show airs Saturday’s, 11am EST – 12:00 EST and the Live call-in number is (424) 675-8263. The Black Eye Show is focused on elevating and not intimidate listeners while creating a national platform to share the types of information needed to help families better understand today environment.

More information can be found at, and

The Glass in My Throat (Release 2.0) * by B.R. White

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