German Court Upholds Restrictions On Genetically Modified Crops

EINNEWS, November 29—Germany continues to draw the line against genetically modified crops. In a decision Friday, the Federal Constitutional Court upheld restrictions on genetic farming and also ruled that anyone who engages in the practice should be held economically liable for any damage caused to conventional crops. The suit was brought by Saxony-Anhalt against the […]

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Could Go Extinct from Overfishing

EINNEWS, November 20—Will failure of the International Commission to protect the tuna be the death knell for Atlantic bluefin? That’s the view of Greenpeace and other conservation groups after the commission charged with protecting Atlantic tuna (ICCAT) voted Friday to essentially leave the quota the same, despite the precipitous decline in blue stocks from overfishing. […]

Right Wing Activists Flood Capitol With Protests As Senate Readies Final Action on Food Safety

EINNEWS, November 29—Today could mark one of the most important milestones in decades for the safety of the U.S. food supply. If the U.S. Senate, which is scheduled to vote today on its version of the food safety bill, gives it majority support, the U.S. House, which already has passed the bill, has indicated it […]

Senate Vote on Food Safety Could Trigger Major Changes In Food Industry

EINNEWS, November 29—The U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote today on a food safety bill that supporters say is long overdue to provide protection to the nation’s food supply, and which critics claims is such an overreach of government power it would permit the National Guard to be called to quarantine entire communities. The biggest […]

SABMIller Accused of Dodging Taxes to Undeveloped Countries Through Web of Tax Havens

EINNEWS, November 29—A major aid organization is accusing the world’s second largest brewing company of using tax havens to avoid paying taxes in African and Asian countries where it earns large profits. ActionAid International, a South African-based charity that serves 25 million people in 40 separate nations, has leveled the tax-dodging charge against SABMiller, brewers […]

CNRS and Astrid Research to Conduct Joint Research on Melanoma Therapy

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, the National Center for Scientific Research of France and Astrid Research Inc, a Hungary-based bioinformatics company, today announced that they started a collaboration on a basic research project aimed at the development of a nucleic acid based melanoma therapy. Orleans, France and Debrecen, Hungary – November 30, 2010 – […]

Support Wikipedia – A message from, an online poker information portal announced the donation for Wikipedia., a popular online poker information portal today announced the donation for Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia. One of the founders of, Mr. Mark Williams said in an interview, “We are going to donate 20% of our revenue for the month of […]

Planet Benefits from Economic Crisis

Nov 29, 2010/EIN Presswire/– The global recession is leading to a decrease in emissions as factories shut down, according to a study published in Nature Geoscience. Carbon dioxide pollutions dropped last year for the first time in a decade as manufacturing plants closed and people drove and flew less. The United States Energy Department said […]

Report Touts Progress of Sustainability Efforts

Nov 29, 2010 /EIN Presswire/ — The market for sustainable products has expanded substantially over the past five years, according to a recently released report from the State of Sustainability Initiatives. The report gives an evaluation of sustainability efforts in major agricultural industries such as forestry, coffee and tea, and it showed a drastic rise […]

UN: Climate Outlook Gloomy

Nov 29, 2010 /EIN Presswire/– Dangerous climate change is inevitable, according to a recent assessment by the United Nations Environment Program. Despite the pledges of various nations to cut or limit their greenhouse emissions, the world still falls far short of what it needs to prevent the climb in average global temperatures. This warning is […]