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NYC New York Divorce Mediation Lawyer: Remarriage can’t heal all wounds


New York, NY-The immense amount of stress and pain from a broken heart has been shown to cause lasting effects among people who have divorced or been widowed. A recent study revealed that the trauma of a spilt can affect mental and physical health that remarriage may not be able to fix, as reported by CNN.

The study, published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, found that divorced or widowed people have a 20 percent greater chance of developing chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes or cancer than people who are married. In addition, they also have a 23 percent increase in mobility limitations, like trouble climbing stairs or walking a block.

The study looked at the marital history and health indicators of 8,652 middle-aged people, which determined “divorced people have more chronic conditions, more mobility limitations, rate their health as poorer than people similar to them in age, race, gender, and education who’ve been married once and are still married.”

Scientists determined the likely reason for this is because “marriage has protective heath benefits by providing financial, social and emotional stability,” which are lost when a loved one dies or a divorce takes place. Researchers also say that because of the tremendous amount of stress a person goes through leading up to divorce, and stress during the often-lengthy divorce proceedings, lasting negative health affects can occur. Some even say a broken heart can actually kill you, because of the deep depression some people slip into.

Losing a loved one or going through a divorce is never something that is easily done. But should your marriage reach its breaking point, New York-based YS Mediation is here to help you end your marriage in the most stress-free and amicable way possible. YS Mediation divorce mediators and conflict resolution specialists, will sit down with you and your spouse to come to a divorce and custody settlement; no need to hire separate lawyers. The mediator, who is also an attorney, will draft the divorce paperwork for a judge to sign, eliminating long grueling court battles. Protect yourself, protect your health, contact YS Mediation for a private consultation and take the first step to freedom from a typical, high cost divorce.

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