Mediation Helps in Maintaining Control in Problem Resolution after Separation



In court confliction resolution can leave couples with unresolved anger and little recourse to change decisions made by courts without additional intervention by the legal system. Many opt to go this route due to being unaware that there are other alternatives that leave them with more control over how property, financial arrangements, and custody agreements will be settled. Manhattan based conflict resolution center YS Mediation discusses the benefits of mediation as an alternative to traditional in court conflict resolution.

Mediation Helps Families Maintain Control

Mediation is a means for divorcing couples to resolve their issues and plan for their future without having to resort to litigation. With mediation, important decisions are made by the individuals directly affected by agreements on matters such as custody, asset division, and continued support, as opposed to courts. 

Other benefits of mediation include:

  • Better relationships between parents and children
  • More cost effective assistance with problem resolution
  • Time and stress typically associated with litigation is avoided
  • Less emotion driven battles, which leads to improved cooperation between divorcing couples
  • Arrangements can be made for short and long term matters
  • Parties are better information on decision consequences
  • Professional assistance from attorneys with conflict resolution training and credentials

About YS Mediation Center

YS Mediation is available for those who prefer an alternative to allowing the legal system to control their personal affairs in the event of a dispute following a separation. Mediation services are available for divorcing couples as well as business partners, landlords and tenants, employers and employees, and others seeking a cordial resolution for dissolving financial and other relationship matters. The New York mediation center has a proven record of successfully providing assistance in thousands of mediation cases. The YS team includes attorneys with mediation certification and problem resolution training. 

YS Mediation welcomes those in need of effective conflict resolution services in New York to contact the center for more information about their services, and to obtain a free evaluation of their case. Individuals may visit, or call to speak to someone directly at 1-888-616-0445. Individuals may also address inquiries to

For more information about mediation services provided by YS Mediation, please visit, or call 1-888-616-0445.


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