Mesothelioma cancer News – Rapid advancements in Nanotechnology

Dallas, Texas – 27.03.09 – Rapid advancements made in the field of Nanotechnology has brought up consequential serious concerns about health risks globally.

While the usefulness and utility of nanotechnology cannot be ignored, several health risks are believed to be associated with multiple health risks. Clinical experiments and research have revealed that asbestos contents in products could cause serious health risks including the mesothelioma cancer.
In the above background the scientists’ world over are concerned about the health risks created by the new advances made by nanotechnology. They are serious concerned about the future outcome of widespread application of the advanced technology.

On the wake of the steadily growing revenue flow relating to nanotechnology, Steve Mullins, the Occupational and Health Safety Officer says “What is happening is a market is growing in an unregulated space and that is dangerous fro workers. From our point of view, there are growing concerns about the health and safety impacts of nanotechnology”.

A recent study report published by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has brought up a request for additional regulations to ensure the safety of workers handling materials related to nanotechnology. “Safety of the workers is our prime concern”, said one of the officials.

Reasons for all these concerns emanate out of the similarities found in asbestos particles and the nanomaterials. We all know that asbestos particles create health hazards and the overall concerns are the same about nanomaterials. It is feared that it may cause diseases like mesothelioma.
“If we’re to have appropriate and sensible regulation, the policymakers have to be appropriately informed” says Maxine McCall of Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. There is lack of sufficient information to form sensible regulations presently necessitating research, he opined.

All said and done policy makers seem to have a challenge ahead of them.

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