Enforcement of Clean Air Act – Asbestos Program in Georgia

San Antonio- Texas – 26.03.09 – The Environmental Protection Agency entered into a recent agreement with Georgia announcing taking over the Air Act Asbestos Program within the State.

Georgia has been one of the hard hit states due to the recent budget constraints. It has forced them discontinue participation in asbestos related programs like inspection, enforcement of regulations as well as complain resolution. However, the asbestos violation is one of the major problems that the state experiences.

State authorities considered it prudent to enter into an agreement with EPA to address the nagging problem.

“We have entered into an agreement with the State authorities agreeing to take over the responsibility of enforcing and implementing the Clean Air Act Asbestos program within Georgia”, informed the spokesman for EPA in a Press conference.

The State will now have the ability to process the notifications for renovation of asbestos and also to manage quarantining moves. They will be issuing contractor licenses and approve the supervisor training programs as and when necessary.

In addition to all the above the EPA will also be in charge of the inspection programs. They will look after the “enforcement of asbestos abatement renovations, proper disposal of asbestos, demolition projects for commercial, public, and industrial structures, as well as particular types of multi-family residential structures”, said one of the senior State Officials.

Environmental Protection Agency has also come up with several other programs. These programs are meant to collect information that is related to the asbestos violations. Such violations may relate to regulations or other specifications.

When a violation is reported the law has now empowered the EPA to impose steep fines that could go up to $37,500 per day per case of violation.

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