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New Smoking Ban sees reduced heart attacks

A new study by researchers from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has revealed a significant drop in heart attacks after smoking was banned. Fewer heart attack hospitalizations have occurred after the implementation of smoke free policy at Pueblo in Colorado.

Studies showed that 399 people were hospitalized for heart attacks before the ban on smoking was imposed and the numbers reduced drastically to 237 after the smoke free implementation came into effect three years ago. That was a decline of more than 40% in heart attacks. The study by researchers lasted over a three-year period. The study report published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly report on Wednesday reveals that several reasons could be attributed to the sudden decline of heart attacks after the smoke free ban was imposed.

The ban brought about a decrease in second hand smoke exposure, which was the largest contributor to heart attack hospitalizations. Those who had to comply with smoke free rules at public places began to observe the same at home also and this was a major contributor with a further reduction in exposure to second hand smoke. The study feels that people who were forced to follow restrictions on where to smoke eventually gave up their smoking habits.

The study doesn’t reveal if the participants were smokers or non-smokers. The study points to facts that those who are exposed to secondhand smoke are more affected leading to coronary heart disease and lung cancer. Exposure to secondhand smoke had drastic effects on the cardio vascular system leading to heart attacks. Second hand smoke occurs due to the combination of two different types of smoke – smoke exhaled by the smoker and smoke from the burning cigarette.

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