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Kickkick boxing plays an important role in Self Defense and Physical fitness of men

Irvine, December 2008 – “People who have tried kick boxing as a form of exercise find it to have very positive results, arms and legs usually gain a lot of strength and become more defined in shape. However, the benefits are not all physical. People also find that they gain a greater sense of inner strength and feel more emotionally balanced”, says the PR Director.

He added that “Easy to follow kick boxing training programs bring you several benefits. Fitness is just one among them. Kick boxing training gives you the tools and reasons to develop quickly a strong body and unshakable confidence. It gives you the confidence to survive unlucky, unwanted street scenes. Make legs more powerful and arms well formed with intense kick boxing trainings. Experience the feel of inner strength and emotional balance. It doesn’t take so long to see the positive results of kick boxing training.”

Speaking on the move, the PR Director said, “Entry of kick boxing training sessions to the mainstay of society is not so old. Kick boxing training made its way to the fashion loving youngsters just a few years back. Toning the muscles, balanced body and better cardiovascular activities are the major benefits of kick boxing training. The popularity for kick boxing and kick boxing training owes much to popular Tae Bo workout videos and tutorials.”

He concluded “The movement in aerobic exercises shares a lot of similarities with kick boxing training. In cardio kick boxing classes you will immediately realize that the clever variations of aerobic movements is evident in their sparring jabs, power punches, defenses, leg works and overall body positioning. To step up towards a more demanding workout you will need to learn the proper techniques of the punch and kick combinations. With knowledge of the right techniques, you will build up your confidence and thus your strength will develop faster. All the combination that you execute on the jabs, blocks and kicks are done against an imaginary opponent. These are classes where students throw punches and stab their feet onto the air. An emerging trend in this form of exercise can be seen at some sessions where robust equipment like punching bags or padded hands are utilized to add variation to the routine.”


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