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The Obama-McCain debate goes on

With elections around the corner the campaigning is getting murkier. If Mc Cain comes up with accusations then Obama is not lagging behind. The only difference being maybe that Obama is more restrained. When McCain referred to Obama as ‘that one “ it raised more than a few eyebrows.

Obama’s connection with Ayers was again under fire. John Murtagh who is a city councilman of Yonkers and GOP state senate candidate made a telling statement when he said that Obama’s ex-Weather Underground “friend” would have blown up his house. He claims that in 1970 there was a fire bombing, in which Ayers was involved, in which his father’s house was targeted. His father who is a new York state Supreme Court justice was a target as he was presiding over the trials of Black Panther Radicals. Although no one was arrested but it was suspected that the weather underground was involved. “Barack Obama may have been a child when William Ayers plotting attacks against US targets – but I was one of those targets,” Murtagh stated. “Barack Obama’s friend tried to kill my family,” he concluded.

Obama refutes this and says that the only Ayers he knows is a well known professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and he met him only in 1990. He was angry and said: “Why don’t we just clear it up right now: The notion that somehow [Ayers] has been involved in my campaign, that he is an adviser of mine, that … I’ve ‘palled around with a terrorist,’ all these statements are made simply to try to score cheap political points.”
Surprisingly, this issue was not raised at the Tuesday debate.

Obama held his own with the statement made to an enthusiastic crowd at the Indiana state fair grounds “I can take four more weeks of John McCain’s attacks” But the American people can’t take four more years of John McCain’s Bush policies.”

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