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Google yesterday said it would render anonymous data it collects from the “chrome browser “ within 24 hours. This was the result of a criticism, which claims that the browser was acting as a key logger and recording every keystroke of the users..

The “Google suggest” feature used within the omnibox is also in limelight. It was launched parallel to the “chrome browser” last week. The text typed in the “omni box” helps the suggest feature to automatically desired search queries and famous web destinations.

Suggest doesn’t work only on the basis of text typed in the omnibox- it works by logging users keystrokes and offering most popular and related sites or searches. At times these results might also be based on company’s own algorithms.

Just as E.T. needs to phone home in order to get a spaceship to pick him up, Google Suggest needs to talk to Google while you type in order to offer suggestions to you,” the FAQ reads. This acknowledgment is made my FAQ because keystrokes are transmitted from “suggest” to Google server.
These keystrokes are not permanently recorder. In fact they are discarded as soon as suggestions are sent back to the browser. At times for about 2% of the times, the keystokes and the IP address of the user is recorded.

On Monday the company said that it would change the time for it keeps the data logged though initially it said that it needs this information to bring positive changes in “suggest feature”.

“Given the concerns that have been raised about Google storing this information, and its limited potential use, we decided that we will anonymize it within about 24 hours, basically, as soon as we practically can,” said Urs Holzle, Google’s senior vice president for operations on Monday through a company blog entry.

“All data retention is a balance between user privacy and trust on the one hand, and security and innovation on the other,” argued Holzle. “In the case of Google Suggest, we decided it’s possible to provide a great service while anonymizing data almost immediately.”

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